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  • Anniversary Weekend at MVC

    What an awesome week here at the campground.   We had the opportunity to celebrate two anniversaries here. We had two wonderful couples that came out and celebrated their lifetime commitments with us.  

    We were aware of the first couple anniversary before they arrived and thought it would be awesome to do something special for them. He had told us that they were coming for their 60th anniversary and I thought in today's world just how awesome that was.  We decided to get a cake and have all the campers here at the campground come up and share in the celebration.  We were honored to share that time with them and celebrate their lives.  One of the younger couples that is staying with us asked him, "So what is the secret?  How did you make it 60 years together?"  Without even batting an eye, he responded and said, "Yes ma'am and no ma'am."  His wife just sat there smiled and shook her head yes...  It was a really fun time and I am so glad that we had the opportunity to share that special moment with them.  

    The next day I got a phone call from a gentleman asking if we had any space available for their fifth wheel and luckily we did.  They showed up about 4 hours later and as they were settling in I was chatting with them about the celebration the previous evening and they said that the next day was their 40th anniversary.  I was blown away.  Between the two couples we had 100 years of marriage staying with us.  We decided to have our second anniversary celebration in a week to honor their anniversary as well.  So again all the campers came out to the pavilion and this time I asked, "What's the secret?"  Their response was quite different but still very relevant.  Again without batting an eye the lady said, "You can't make it this long without arguing and having space to think about it."  Her husband said and then after you reflect on the situation, you work it out and make up like you are newly weds again.  Everyone was rolling.  

    The world is changing, but it is interesting to see that many of the values that I was raised to believe are true still exist in the camping world.  When asked why in the world did you buy a campground I generally reply with the fact that this experience is helping me to become a better person every day.  As a campground owner, I meet people that in the normal world it is hard to connect with.  Everyone has their own space here but we come together and talk and learn about life.   Living on a campground and hearing these stories and meeting all these different people and learning from them about life is by far one of the best things I have ever experienced in my life.  

    If you are in the North Georgia Mountains stop by, share your stories, teach me to be a better man!  

    Campers Rock!