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  • Why is this Eclipse so Special?

    People have said why is there so much talk about this eclipse. Well I wanted to take a few moments to explain why this eclipse is different than most eclipses that we have seen in the past. There are 3 types of eclipses: Partial, Annular and Total.

    • A Partial Eclipse is when the sun is, as the name states, partially covered by the moon.
    • An annular eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly in line with the Earth, but the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun. Hence the Sun appears as a very bright ring, or annulus, surrounding the dark disk of the Moon
    • A total eclipse occurs when the dark silhouette of the Moon completely obscures the intensely bright light of the Sun, allowing the much fainter solar corona to be visible. During any one eclipse, totality occurs at best only in a narrow track on the surface of Earth.

    In my lifetime looking back through time and forward until I have long passed, this is the only time that the North Georgia Mountains will be the host for such an event. If you are joining us for the eclipse on August 21, you will hopefully see a once in a lifetime event.

    Following the eclipse we will have Pulled sandwiches ($3.00), hot dogs ($2.00), Chips ($1.00), and Soft drinks ($1.00) available under the main pavilion. This will be followed by a post eclipse show by Jimmy Parker from Nashville in our music barn. Cover is $10.00, (campers (max 2 per site), active military, veterans, first responders and children free)

    We hope to see you out at the campground and happy eclipse day to everyone!