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  • Zipline adventures have become one of the fastest growing adventure tourism activities for people who want excitement and thrills.  They can be found worldwide with over 700 zipline tours from with you can choose. 

    Make time for some adventerous fun in the tree tops.  You and your friends will experience the forest in a completely new way as you glide effertlessly from tree to tree.  Zipline tours in North Georgia are filled with views of the mountains that most will never see.  Gravity will propel you along the cable from the high elevation to the lower one.  You are often suspended as much as 300 ft. above the ground where the exhilarating feeling of soaring through the air can take your breath away. 

    Enthusiasts can enjoy zipline tours in all weather - rain, shine, hail or snow.  Zipline adventures in winter can be as thrilling as those in the summer.  Just add an extra layer of clothes.

    Zipline adventures in the North Georgia mountains include:
    Cool River Adventures
    Nacoochee Adventures
    Zipline Canopy Tours

    Our personal favorite
    North Georgia Canopy Tours